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How to Win Ethereum Online?

A decentralized and digitized platform that has some of the coolest features like Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Smart Contracts, Ethereum overrides the possibility of censorship, downtime, fraudulence or interference of third parties. Ether, the currency on the Ethereum network that is used by traders for mining, has been increasing in value ever since its inception. It stands next to Bitcoin if not before it, and has already been declared as the queen of cryptocurrencies. Apart from cloud mining, you can also acquire your Ether online by linking your wallet to Ethereum faucets. By downloading games and playing them, by watching videos online, by taking a tour of Ethereum platforms and by answering survery-related queries, you stand a good enough chance to win Ether.

It doesn’t matter if you have already downloaded a local Ethereum wallet on your phone, or you are using an e-wallet on your computer, you can still win free Ethereum online by creating the BIT.AC wallet and then converting your Ethereum to other cryptocurrencies. Here’s a list of the websites where you can win Ethereum faucets. Go through the instructions carefully so as to win your free Ether. Some of these faucets are lottery-based, while the rest give out Ether each time you copy/paste your Ethereum address in your wallet address section, processing the reCaptcha and then clicking on the ‘claim’ tab.

1. EthFree:
It is in huge demand and rolls out a large amount of Ether faucets every five minutes with a bare minimum transaction of 0.05 ETH.

2. FreeETH:
This is a faucet which pays you every fifteen minutes. With a minimum payout of 0.0016 ETH, you can now win free Ether.

3. EtherFaucetNet: This is a new faucet that hands out a good deal of Ether in every five minutes. Link your wallet and win a mini jackpot!

You can also win Ehther online through direct or indirect mining. In case you wish to opt for direct mining, then you will first need to purchase contracts (that of one year or more) to mine on an online platform. Similar to Bitcoin, the mining profitability of Ether vacillates depending on its market price. You need to have a GPU or CPU on your desktop to carry out your mining process. Lay your hands on a user-friendly Ether wallet and then download the Geth program to get going. You can indirectly mine Ethereum currency through cloud mining.

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