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How to Purchase Ethereum Online?

Ever since it entered the crypto market in 2015, ETH or Ether has grown at a considerable rate and is now considered the second most popular cryptocurrency in the trade market after Bitcoin. Ethereum is different from Bitcoin, in the sense that it is used not only as a currency but also as an organizer of smart contracts. This, in turn, enables the Ethereum network to be used in creating applications, new or time-honoured, across a wide variety of industry services. There are a number of ways in which you can obtain Ethereum online- through purchases via online exchanges or through direct trade.

Purchasing Ether via Online Exchanges

The easiest way to purchase Ethereum is through a good exchange platform. Before choosing an exchange platform, it is important to read the reviews and consider the users’ ratings. Among the many popular exchange platforms, Coinbase, BitStamp and Kraken are the renowned ones.

Once you have chosen your preferred platform, you need to create a user account. As part of the verification process, you have to provide your official documents to validate your identity. While some exchanges support bank account/debit card/credit card linking for direct purchases, some will ask you to directly transfer your funds to a preferred fiat currency account on their sites.

Once you have purchased your Ether cash, you may wait for the prices to increase before exchanging it for Fiat currencies, trading it for other cryptocoins, or simply using it for different online transactions. If you are more used to mobile phone applications, here’s good news for you. There are many big exchange platforms that simultaneously operate on the web and your smartphone app Or you can start Ethereum Mining to earn some extra coin, as many investors are already taking part in this process.

Purchasing Ether through Direct Trade

In case you are not a very big fan of exchange trading, then you can choose the direct trade option on different peer-to-peer websites which have a set up direct trade with a particular dealer. Make sure you verify all the details before clicking on the ‘Buy’ button.

One big advantage of direct trading is that you do not have to use a bank account to carry out the transaction. With platforms like Local Ethereum, one can make use of Amazon Gift Vouchers, PayPal as well as cash. If you wish exchange your BTC earnings for ETC, you can opt for sites such as Paxful to trade Bitcoin for Ether.

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