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How to Get an Ethereum Wallet?

As per the latest updates on Coin Market Cap, this new cryptocurrency is the next leading name after Bitcoin. Its market capitalization is just next to that of Bitcoin, and Ethereum, as crypto experts would know well, has, by now, made good old promises with respect to scalability and reliability.

Ethereum's decentralized, open-source network basically operates on smart contracts. This negates all possibilities of censorship, downtime, third party interference or fraud of any kind.

Ethereum is a relatively new player in the crypto space. For those who wish to invest in this new coin but have little or zero knowledge about the same, you ca start off by installing an Ethereum wallet. Ether wallets are limited in numbers; nevertheless, there are a few renowned ones which offer exchange options such as Bitcoin-Ether, EUR-Ether and USD-Ether.

• Kraken is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers Ether exchanges.

• The official Ethereum Wallet can be downloaded on your desktop. Ethereum Wallet has joined hands with ShapeShift, thus making it easy for online users to directly receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments to an Ethereum Wallet as Ether.

• Geth is yet another command line interface that may be utilized in receiving or sending cash, or simply creating contracts through Ethereum. Undoubtedly, Geth is a great choice for programmers. However, it is not a very good option for those who are looking out for an easy-to-use wallet. Now you can install Etherwall as part of the Geth wallet to directly make transactions on the Ethereum network. The access is provided by Geth, except that it is an easily accessible interface that is provided by the Etherwall software.

• Interestingly, MyEtherWallet is one open sourced, client-based Ether wallet that operates on Javascript. MyEtherWallet is easy to use and allows you to create safe and protected wallets without command line or any sort of need to run one or more Ethereum clients on your PC. By simply running MyEtherWallet on a computer that is seemingly offline, one can create guarded paper wallets to store Ether holdings. The best part is, MyEtherWallet has a Google Chrome beta extension that supports a competent user interface for sending or receiving transactions.

• EthAddress is also an open sourced, client-side wallet that runs on Javascript. It supports bulk wallets, single wallets, vanity wallets, brain wallets, and split wallets.

Once you have successfully set up your Ethereum Wallet, you can take a look at Ethereum Mining services, which will eventually allow you to make some extra money by sitting back home.

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