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How to Get an Ethereum Account Online?

The best way to create your Ethereum account is with the help of Mist Ethereum wallet. This application enables you to handle and interact with different Ether accounts. You can sync the Ether application to the blockchain by simply launching it.

Once you have launched the application, you need to create a user account and select a password to secure your address. Make sure you do not forget this password, otherwise you will lose access to your account. This is because there is no possible option available to recover your account through the ‘Forget Password’ feature. Your wallet balance will show up as zero, which will urge you to make a purchase.

One more way to create an Ethereum account is through the command line. You can download GETH’s Go Ethereum Client and create your Ethereum account. Create as many accounts as you want to, and view all of them on the GETH Account List.

Interestingly, you do not have to be connected to any blockchain or the internet for creating your account. This can take place offline as well.

One has to essentially go through 3 possible steps so as to generate an Ethereum address. The first of these three steps involve generating a private key which can be any number that is denoted by 256 bits. The next step involves using an elliptic curve cryptography to create a public key of 512 bits. Every private key records to precisely 1 public key. The last and third step involves a series of calculations which comprise the charting of private keys (256 bits) into public addresses (160 bits). This implies that every account essentially has much more than just one private key. Privacy and security is ensured through random selection of private keys.

Once you have set up your Ethereum account, you are ready to go! You can buy Ether via exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Kraken or Coinmama using your debit card, credit card or simply through bank wire transfers. If you do not wish to make a major investment, you can opt for CFD trading via Forex brokers.

Whether your Ethereum Account is made online or offline, you can now connect to the blockchain and start Ethereum Mining. This is a lucrative deal as you can earn some extra blocks with it and add them to your blockchain.

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