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How to Exchange Ethereum?

After successfully mining Ether, it’s time that you convert your valuable crypto tokens into Bitcoin or exchange them for those well-deserved US dollars. So, how do you go about it?

You can exchange your Ethers on Shapeshift, a reliable exchange platform that allows you to convert your Ethereum earnings to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, depending on your choice.

It is a simple, secure and seamless process that allows you to carry out the exchange process, which may take somewhere between twenty minutes to two hours. Go to the ‘Exchange’ section on your wallet and click on the same. Choose ‘Ethereum’ from the drop box of cryptocurrencies as your ‘From’ option. In your ‘To’ option, choose Bitcoin or BTC. Enter the amount or the value of Ether that you wish to exchange and find out the current equivalent of the currency (Bitcoin in this regard) that you wish to acquire. Choose the ‘Next’ tab to continue. Following this action, you will have access to the confirmation page where you can view all the details of your current exchange. Once you agree to Shapeshift’s terms and conditions, click on the ‘Confirm’ tab.

Your exchange may take up to 2 hours to get processed. If you face any issues related to your transaction, you may contact the support team form assistance.

If you further wish to exchange your Bitcoins for USD, you may do so on Coinbase or any other exchange platform that supports the same. The transaction fees and the processing time may be different on different platforms. 

You can also trade your Ether on Kraken, one of the A-listed exchange platforms known for the different facilities that it provides. First and foremost, you will have to open an account with your current email id and a password that’s strong enough.

Once you have verified your address by logging in the details of the same, your account becomes active. There are different levels of registration on Kraken, depending on the information that you provide. If you are a Level One or a Level Two, you can make a decent withdrawal just by using your phone number and address. Once you are above Level Two, you can deposit Ether and wait for it to show up on your Kraken account. This may take some time, but eventually you will be able to view the same and trade it online by making a bid.

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