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How to Earn Ethereum Online?

The Ethereum platform has witnessed a global expansion in the last two years and is still developing to create a place of its own, next to Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies. It not only serves the purpose of a cryptocurrency, but is also used in multiple Blockchain applications. If you wish to make a lucrative deal online by investing your dollars in cryptocurrencies, then Ether is worth your time and money. You can buy Ether online, wait it out till the prices skyrocket, and then strike big by encashing your crypto tokens. Unlike Bitcoin, there are fewer ways to earn Ether as it is a relatively new player in the cyber space and is still in its evolving stage. There are a number of sites which offer free Ether as a token for answering surveys, downloading games and videos, and participating in online contests.

Ethereum Faucets are sites where you may win Ether as reward points by simply registering yourself and visiting the page. Once you solve the Captcha, you can claim your Ether, which will automatically be added to your account. This is a form of online advertising that these pages have adopted.

You can also earn Ethereum through direct or indirect mining. When a transaction is processed on Ethereum’s network, the online miners validate it via the mining software. If you are a miner on this platform, you will earn Ether as part of the mining fees. In order to mine Ether, you need a potent mining hardware such as graphic cards that are used for playing games such as FPS. A regular miner would use his or her desktop, while an advanced miner would opt for mining processors to encash more Ether online.

You can also win big by trading Ether. Invest your money to buy Ether currency, and save it in your personal wallet instead of stashing it in the exchange wallets. This reduces the risk of cyber theft or loss of money in case the account gets blocked.

There are a number of exchanges where you can buy Ether. Ethereum trading is one of the best ways to earn this popular cryptocurrency. However, the risks involved are many, including scamming platforms. Virtual currencies, unlike real currencies, are lost when sent to a new address. The Blockchain transaction can, in no way, be traced. This is the very reason why you should avoid investing in new platforms that promise enticing numbers.

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