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How to Choose the Best Ethereum Wallet?

After Bitcoin, Ethereum stands in the second position with respect to market capitalization. Owing to this simple reason, investors these days are more interested in Ethereum. This, in turn, has increased the demand for Ethereum wallets that are safe and secure. By the word ‘secure’, we simply imply that the wallet is easy to use, has a set of private keys, an active development group, has proper backup and security features and is compatible with the major operating systems. If any of these key features are missing in a wallet, then it is at risk of theft. Currently, the best Ethereum wallets in the market are as follows: 

1. Ledger Nano S

As a hardware wallet, it is one of the cheapest Ethereum safe-house available in the market. This wallet allows you to store your ETH offline on your computer. As and when you wish to use your Ether, Ledger Nano S verifies it with the private key saved on your PC. The security is robust and the most attractive feature is the small OLED screen that lets you control all transactions.

2. Trezor
This is yet another hardware wallet which was basically launched to store Bitcoin. Today, it allows you to store ETH with MyEtherWallet online interface. It also lets you store ETH offline, that too on an electronic chip which is secure and will only be activated once you log in using your password.  

3. Exodus
It is considered to be the 1st multi-currency desktop wallet and is free to use. It has a very attractive user interface and the moment you open your Exodus wallet, it shows you a chart with a complete portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It supports 7 different cryptocurrencies (which includes Ethereum as well) and is the 1st ever desktop wallet which has an in-built ShapeShift for transacting in cryptocurrencies. 

4. Jaxx 

This is a mobile wallet. This mult-currency wallet has been created by Decentral, a Canada-based organization. It supports thirteen different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and has robust security features.

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