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How to Buy Using Ethereum?

Owing to its consistent worth, money has served an important role in the trade market till now. When it comes to fiat currencies, one can purchase goods or services in from different online and offline retail outlets. This steady and globally accepted payment system is being used by billions of people worldwide. But with a new technology in the offing, popularly known as Blockchain, the traditional payment system is now up against the revolutionary crypto payment. Cryptocurrencies have recently surged in value, heightening the curiosity and interest of investors and traders. More and more users have started to use cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, while many international merchants have started to accept cryptocurrency payments in exchange for products and services. Ethereum in one of the many popular cryptocurrencies in the market and stands second in the top 5 list with respect to market capitalization.

As and when compared to Bitcoin payments, Ethereum payments have not yet held the attention of too many merchants. Though the list of sellers who accept Ether is much less than that of Bitcoin, Ether is eventually going to be the next big thing and may even topple Bitcoin in the next couple of years. More and more giant corporate firms are supporting Ethereum and have already started to plan the implementation of Ether payments on their individual platforms soon enough. Here’s a list of the top enterprises that have backed the Ethereum network:
• Mastercard: When speaking of payment technologies, no other brand can beat Mastercard. Being a global name, it has expressed significant interest in technology behind Ethereum and is soon expected to work in association with the Ethereum platform.

• Samsung SDS: Samsung SDS, Samsung’s software development sector has shown its good old confidence in the incredible Ethereum technology.

• Brave Browser: This is one renowned browser devoid of any ads. Initially, Brave Browser accepted disbursements only in US dollars, but of late, it has started accepting payments in Ether cash as well.

• Swiss Banks: A good number of popular Swiss Banks, such as Credit Suisse are ahead of their times and have expressed keen interest in Ether payments. Other than Swiss Banks, quite a few banks have also expressed interest in the Ether technology like the Scotiabank and UBS.

• Toyota: Toyota is one of the biggest automobile makers in the world and a popular one as well. It is one of the greatest supporters of Ethereum technology.

• Intel: Intel is one of the many chip-makers out there, and is currently giving weightage to Ethereum as a popular cryptocurrency.

• Microsoft: This is one brand which has high hopes regarding the imminent future of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. This bigshot brand have started to receive Bitcoin payments and is quite confident about the success of Ethereum in the near future.

Given the current scenario, Ether has a limited acceptability. Those who do accept it, do so only for investment purposes. But there are many who opt for Ethereum Mining as a profitable venture. It is one of the most trusted and best ways to earn cryptocurrencies and exchange them at a better price in future. However, it is predicted that Ether will soon become a major form of payment. With the Smart Contract feature, Ether has it in its power to give a tough competition to its forerunner Bitcoin.

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