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How to Buy Ethereum with Credit Card?

Ethereum is a popularly traded cryptocurrency in the digital market and has been available ever since it entered the competition in the year 2015. It is different from Bitcoin and has twofold roles- one of a digital currency that may be used for all transactional purposes, and the other for creating smart contracts and facilitating funds for fresh new projects. Ethereum is known to serve different industries and its advanced platform may be used for creating different applications.

The current market trend suggests that the value of Ether will skyrocket by the end of 2017. Ethereum, which has already gained a lot of popularity, is considered the ‘queen’ of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin is referred to as the ‘king’) and has formed a strong customer base which is increasing rapidly every hour. If you wish to buy Ethereum without incurring any major transactional fees, you can make an online purchase using your credit card.

Here are a few reliable exchanges which accept credit cards as a means of payment. Do consider these carefully before making the final choice. Also, make sure that you store your Ether coins in a secure wallet.

1. Coinbase: It is one of the most trusted and popular exchange platforms right now and is accessible to users of 32 countries across the globe. It is not only convenient and easy to carry out exchanges on this platform, but also offers user-friendly services on the mobile app which may be downloaded on your phone. If you are a first-time user, you need to register yourself on the official website and go through all the mandatory steps of identity verification. Once you have verified your identity, you can choose a payment method (which includes credit cards of course). You need to make 2 mock transactions as part of your card verification process and then buy Ethereum online with just the click of your mouse. Coinbase has a regular transaction fee of 3.99% for every transaction made.

2. Coinmama: It currently serves in 226 countries across the world and its services may be availed only on its official website as it has not yet launched its mobile app. It is interesting to note that you can actually buy Ether until up to $/€ 150 without any sort of identity verification. But if you wish to purchase further, you will have to provide your proof of identity. You do not have to register the details of your credit card to make a purchase. You can simply type in the details while making the online transaction. However, the drawback with Coinmama is that it has a very high transaction fee- almost 6.15% has to be paid to Coinmama and an additional 5% is charged for every credit card purchase. 

3. BitPanda: BitPanda is an Austria-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. If you are a resident of Europe, then you can buy Ethereum using your credit card without having to pay too much on the transactional fees. But one major disadvantage of this platform is that it cannot be used outside Europe. On BitPanda, your card fees will depend on the country you currently stay in (it has to be in Europe of course). On an average, the transaction fee waivers between 3 to 4%. You only need to verify your email id and your online transaction before making the online purchase.

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