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How to Buy Ethereum Cheap?

Are you thinking of buying Ethereum currency without any major investments? Well, there are a few good ways in which you can buy Ether. The best way to acquire Ether is through online purchases. You can buy Ether from different exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Kraken or Coinmama using your credit or debit cards. Buying Ether with cash is not possible at the moment and you will solely have to rely on bank account transfers.

In case you have your Bitcoin earnings and wish to exchange them for Ether, then you can visit platforms like Gemini, Bitfinex, Shapeshift and the like. Most of the Ether exchange platforms support BTC to ETH transfers. If you are the kind who is not a very big fan of cryptocurrency investments and doesn’t like putting all your eggs in one basket, then Ether trading is a good option to go with. Many Forex brokers offer Ether CFD trading. CFD or Contract for Difference is a settlement between two individuals or groups for a professional give-and-take after taking into account the variance in the opening and closing price of the contract. The buyer pays the seller when the price of Ether goes down, while the seller pays the buyer when the value of Ether goes up. This is a feasible option for many who do not have sufficient funds to purchase Ether cash, but nevertheless wants to partake in safe trading. If trading is also not in your agenda, then mining seems like a suitable option.

Cheapest Way to Earn Ether
The cheapest way to earn Ether is through mining. Ethereum runs on a proof-of-work, decentralized platform and has an unlimited market cap. This inadvertently increases the demand for Ether purchases and online transactions. The more the number of transactions, the more miners are required. This calls to action all the technical geeks who have the golden opportunity to be a part of the mining rig using simple GPU devices like graphics cards. Miners get a block reward for every new block mined. This is in the form of Ether cash (the mining fees) that adds up to your account. The increasing value of Ether has also increased the mining fees, which makes mining a lucrative venture of late.

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