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How to Buy and Sell Ethereum Now?

You can easily purchase Ethereum in exchange for Fiat currencies such as USD and EUR and can store your funds in these exchange-powered wallets or your own secure wallets, as you may deem fit. If you are making small purchases, you may store your crypto coins in the exchange themselves for easy access. For bigger purchases, it is advisable to transfer your funds to a private and more secure wallet. You can even try for Ethereum Mining services, as it is profitable and most of the users are already doing it as a source of extra income. The following platforms offer safe and viable transactions. You can register yourself on these exchanges and then buy Ether online.

1. eToro: It offers the benefit of CFD trading, wherein online users don’t need to buy or secure Ether in order to trade it. Available to traders all across Europe, it is not only user-friendly but also accepts payments from banks, cards and PayPal. The minimum order has to be of $200 though, in case you are purchasing Ether. It is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

2. Coinbase: Known to be one of the popular exchange platforms in the world, it is accessible in different European and American countries. The minimum purchase has to be of $1 and the modes of payment accepted are credit/debit cards as well as bank wire transfers.

3. Plus500: Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of UK, Plus500 is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform. It accepts bank exchanges, card payments as well as PayPal transfers. The minimum purchase has to be of $100.

Some of the other exchange platforms where you can purchase Ether include LocalEthereum, BitPanda, Bittrex, Bitstamp, GDAX, Gemini and Kraken. You need to follow a few simple steps post which you can buy Ether in exchange for your currency. These include:

 - Registering yourself at an exchange platform
 - Validating your identity
 - Choosing your deposit method (wire transfer, credit/debit cards, SEPA and PayPal)
 - Depositing your funds

The processing time and transaction fees may vary from one exchange to the other.

In case you are planning to sell your Ether, you can first exchange your Ether coins for Bitcoin on exchange platforms such as Shapeshift. After you have acquired your Bitcoin currency, you may go ahead and exchange them for your preferred choice of currency on Coinbase or any other Bitcoin platform.

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