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How Ethereum Differs From Bitcoin?

Ethereum is the second well-known cryptocurrency to which most of the people see as overtaking Bitcoin in the market. What makes Ethereum different from Bitcoin is its technology. This does not mean that it is not a cryptocurrency. The value of Ethereum is referred as “Ether” and it bought and sold just like Bitcoin, and used by the traders and investors in order to grab an ICO opportunity.

The main difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that Bitcoin is a currency, while Ethereum is a technology that is helping enterprises to create new programs. Though, both of the cryptocurrencies works on the blockchain technology, but Ethereum network is more robust. Bitcoin is version 1.0 and Ethereum is version 2.0 that allows building of decentralized apps based on them.

Furthermore, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s support is with the technology of Ethereum. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a group of Fortune 500 companies that agreed to build and work on the blockchain technology of Ethereum, also known as smart contract technology. Smart contracts means demanding the business apps that can automate even complex applications.

The most exciting thing about the technology of Ethereum is its great potential to support IoT processes and projects. It might not be a perfect technology; however it is door with unique innovations.

Overall, the main difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the separation of roles, both have different roles. Ethereum is disrupting equity and Bitcoin is disrupting currency.

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