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How to Mine Dash on Linux?

To mine Dash on a Linux system,  there are a few requirements. Use the Ubuntu server version 17. It may not work with any other version.
Download the AMDGPU -PRO DRIVER. It may take up to 10 minutes to complete. Prior to installing the driver, do a check if AMDGPU -PRO DRIVER is already installed. Ensure that your system has all the latest versions or it may create issues. Extract the contents in a temporary location. Run the script to install the graphics stack. You must provide sudo access and confirm to install the requisite packages and enable installation of all unverified packages from the AMDGPU -PRO DRIVER. Configure your user account and ensure to be a member of the video group. Log out and login again to activate the process.
Download the APP-SDK. It is a set of advanced hardware and software technologies to facilitate AMD graphics processing cores (GPU) work compatibly with the system x86 cores.
Download ADL-SDK to access display driver functionality for the graphics cards.
Access the mining pool website you intend to join. Create an account and a worker account. This will enable your computer to mine Dash.
Install the packages to allow the AMD Radeon RX580 or RX480 graphics card on the Ubuntu server. Reboot. Create the driver folder and download the amdgpu pro-17.30 file. Install the video card package. Reboot and create the app-sdk folder. Download the AMD-APP-SDK installer. Reboot and create a adl-sdk folder, download the zip file into the folder and extract it from the zip file.
Install the SGMINER software. Once done, you are ready to start dash mining.
Change the username and password from the worker username that was created earlier.

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