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How to buy Local Dash?

Dash is a leading open-source cryptocurrency which offers many advantages over the Bitcoin. The team behind Dash work hard to improve its protocol and they focus on making Dash user-friendly and secure. It started out as only $11 at the start of 2017 but has picked up tremendously since then. There are ways to buy local Dash f one wants to. You must, however, get yourself a Dash wallet to store the crypto coins. Like the Bitcoin wallet, you will find a variety of Dash wallets to choose from. When you are dealing with very large amounts you should opt for a hardware wallet. The simplest way to store Dash is through a desktop wallet but such wallets may lack features like the PrivateSend or InstantSend.

People who own the Bitcoin may trade this for Dash on multiple cryptocurrency exchange sites. Those who are dealing with fiat currency may face problems when trying to exchange this for Dash. Now it is possible to buy Dash with cash directly. For instance, Bit panda will let you buy the Dash using credit cards but it needs verification and the buying limits are very low. Moreover, Bit panda is only available in Europe.

You can also buy Dash using wire transfer through Kraken. This is a popular altcoin exchange which will let you fund the account with EUR or USD through wire transfers in order to buy the Dash directly. The website AnyCoinDirect also makes it easy for customers based in Europe to buy Dash directly. This is another well-known cryptocurrency exchange which will not charge very high fees. Once verification comes through, it takes about two days to get the Dash. You can also buy local Dash directly with the Cash Dash ATMs. This turns out to be an easy way to buy Dash although fees are steep. Users can even buy Dash at spot price when they deposit cash at local banks in the US.

So, people keen to buy the Dash directly can now do that with 1% fee without buying the Bitcoin first. Those wanting to buy the Bitcoin can do this at WallofCoins. When you have already bought the Bitcoin you can move it to the most popular exchanges like Kraken or Shape Shift or Bitfinex etc to trade the Bitcoin for Dash. When you have finished buying the Dash, you must remember to move these coins into the Dash wallet. You must not leave coins on exchanges where they are liable to get stolen.

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