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How to Buy Dash?

Previously known as Darkcoin or X11 coin, Dash is a private cryptocurrency unlike Bitcoin and many of its successors. However, its privacy features are a topic of hot debate among crypto experts. Despite all the controversies, the value of Dash has gone up by a notch in the last couple of months and this is the sole reason why so many people are looking forward to investing in Dash currency.

Purchase Dash with Credit Card or Debit Card


It is disappointing that no exchange offers a direct purchase of Dash coins in the US.  One will have to buy Bitcoin first with a credit card. Among the many popular exchanges, Coinbase is one such platform which allows purchasers to buy Bitcoin or BTC easily using an acceptable credit card (essentially in US dollars) in the United States, Australia, Europe and Singapore. After you have acquired your Bitcoin, you can use a platform like Binance and convert your BTC to DASH in just 10 minutes.


Based out in Austria, BitPanda is a cryptocurrency brokerage platform. One can directly purchase Dash using a credit card, given he or she is a resident of Europe.


If you are not very fond of using Coinbase, then you may opt for CoinMama. It allows users to purchase Bitcoin or BTC with a credit card from almost all countries. After you have acquired Bitcoin, you can convert your earnings to Dash by using Binance.

Buy DASH with Bank Account

Once again, if you are a resident of the United States, Singapore, Europe, or Australia, you will first have to buy Bitcoin or BTC from an exchange platform like Coinbase using your bank account. After you have got your BTC from Coinbase, you may use Binance for converting them to Dash. If you are a resident of any other country other than the ones mentioned above, you can do a little bit of research and find a suitable exchange platform that accepts bank wire transfers. You may then buy BTC and convert them to Dash.

Get a Dash Wallet

It is advisable not to store your Dash coins on an exchange for a long time. You should transfer your Dash to some reputed and secure offline wallets like the Ledger Nano S which you can easily manage and control.

Purchase Dash with PayPal

You cannot purchase Dash with PayPal directly. First, you need to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal and then convert your earnings to Dash. 

Purchase Dash with Cash

You cannot directly buy Dash coins using cash. Also, there are no ATMs that support Dash purchase. Firstly, you will need to buy Bitcoins using cash and then exchange your BTC for Dash from a platform like Changelly.

Purchase Dash with Bitcoin

Binance is one such exchange platform using which you can exchange your BTC for Dash.

Purchase Dash with Skrill

If you live in Europe, BitPanda will allow you to directly purchase Dash with Skrill.

Purchase Dash with Ethereum

Binance is one such exchange platform where you can exchange Ethereum for Dash quite easily.

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