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How to Buy and Sell Dash?

Here are a few ways in which you can buy and sell Dash currency:- 

Exchange Platforms

Exchange platforms are a great way of trading cryptocurrencies. There are a good number exchanges available online which offer exciting features. While some try to meet the different market demands, some of them are in direct competition. Others have cheaper transaction fees and are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Exchange platforms are mostly centralized and are managed by a single body. There are a few which are decentralized but have a higher escrow requirement, given you are dealing with peers instead of a trusted entity. There are two types of exchanges- one which accepts fiat currencies, and the other which deals only in cryptocurrencies.

ATM Machines

A large number of ATMs accept cash and card payments in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Mapping services help you detect the exact location of these machines. You can also set up one and earn a decent percentage of sales.

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges which help you convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency. Dash cryptocurrency is widely accepted on most exchange platforms and a number of pairs exist against both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. Thus, it is possible to exchange DASH for BTC or EUR for DASH.

The official Dash site provides a list of major exchange platforms that support Dash currency exchange. 

Some of the major exchanges are as follows:

- Poloniex: It is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform offering DASH pairs for XMR, BTC, and USDT. Leveraged margin trading and lending for DASH is also supported by this platform.

- Bittrex: It is also a US exchange solely working with cryptocurrencies, though USD wire transfers have also been occasionally supported by it in the past. DASH trading pairs are available for ETH, BTC, and USDT.

- Bitfinex: This is a cryptocurrency Hong Kong-based exchange offering high volume USD and BTC trading pairs for DASH, along with leveraged trading. 

- Kraken: This is a high-volume exchange platform with its headquarters in US. It offers fiat currency deposits in USD, EUR, GBP and JPY. DASH can be traded against USD, EUR, and BTC.

- Binance: It is a pure cryptocurrency exchange platform with a strong focus on ICOs and the Chinese market. DASH funding is possible on this site and can be also be traded against BTC.

- Bithumb: This is, by far, the largest cryptocurrency platform in South Korea and accepts fiat deposits in South Korean Won only. The platform offers high volumes of DASH trading.

- ShapeShift: ShapeShift operates quite differently and allows users to directly convert one crypto asset to another without the need for creating an account. The user has to simply send a specific amount to the address provided by ShapeShift, and is then paid out at the specific exchange rate to an address that they specify. ShapeShift supports Dash exchange.

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