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How to Get Free Cloud Mining?

Free cloud mining is one way a service provider can demonstrate their capabilities. Some providers offer certain value of hashing power says like 20 or 50GHs or even higher at times. Create an account with a reliable provider.  Sometimes, they also allow a welcome bonus for every login. The bonus can be used to increase the mining rate or convert them to GHs. Select a mining strategy to enhance your income.
The customers do not invest in the hardware nor pay any subscription fee. The cloud mining providers earn their expenditure and profits from the commercials.  This can sometimes be a little risky as the quality cannot be guaranteed with risks of online frauds and scams.

Free cloud mining is one way to spread awareness of the cryptocurrency mining and decentralized blockchain technology. It has the aim to demonstrate the fight against the capitalist financial system without any middlemen or a central authority while protecting the individual’s rights.
Free cloud mining is beneficial in many ways. There is nil investment in infrastructure. Users need not invest or procure any hardware except for a computer and internet service. Electricity which generally takes away a major chunk of the earnings is provided by the service provider. All the technical tasks like software updates, hardware maintenance, security etc are done by the hosts. Mining is done away from the user’s premises. That means coins are being generated even when the client is sleeping or preoccupied with other works. 

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