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How to Get a Bitcoin Account Online?

Before you go ahead and make your first Bitcoin purchase, make sure you have installed a secure and verified Bitcoin wallet where you can store your cryptocurrency. Setting up your e-wallet may seem intimidating for first time users, but the truth is, Bitcoin is one of the easiest and most accessible wallets when compared to other virtual currencies. There are a number of browsers, mobile and hybrid wallets available in the market and you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Web wallets, that are hosted by third parties are often much easier to access and proves to be secure and trustworthy. Some of the popular web wallets are as follows:

Coinbase: It has a simple design and is a great choice for beginners. You can purchase and sell Bitcoins on this platform as well as maintain your own Coinbase wallet for storing your Bitcoins. It also has an Android version which may be accessed at any time via your android phone.

Another Bitcoin web wallet that allows you to save your e-cash is Copay (powered by Bitpay). It is available on almost all platforms and you can create your account on Copay from iOS, Android, Windows Linus and Mac OS X. It is a preferred choice for beginners as well as businesses.

For those looking for complete security, Bitcoin's own application, Bitcoin Core, works best. It is available for both BlackBerry OS and Android and may be downloaded on your computer as well. This software wallet makes it imperative that you have complete access over your Bitcoin savings without depending on any third party. Make sure you have a backup for your wallet though, as you may end up losing your coins if you get closer to a pool the next time.

Another well-known software wallets are Armory, which may come across as scary because of its intricate features. However, it is one of the very few wallets which offer complete control of your Bitcoin private keys. Some of the other mobile wallets for Bitcoin include:

Initially launched for iOS, bread wallet is now available for all android devices (6.0 or above).

Airbitz: This one is great for regular use. The best part is, you can avail a 20% discount from your wallet at exclusive Starbucks outlets.

Once you are done setting up an Online Account, you may also check Bitcoin Mining. This is the best way to earn more Bitcoin. Simply setting up a Bitcoin Account is not everything, getting profits from it can be a good deal too.

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