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How to Exchange Bitcoin to BitcoinCash?

There are several exchanges that are available that offer conversions services of bitcoins to bitcoin cash or bitcoin cash to bitcoin service. While many do it with a transaction fee, there are others like CoinSwitch that offer the best exchange rates without charging you any transaction fee. At CoinSwitch there is no limit to the volume of BTC or any other altcoin you wish to trade in.

You must have a wallet where you will be storing the digital coins that you may have earned by bitcoin mining or have bought at any of the exchanges with fiat currency. The wallet is a combination of figures and alphabets. CoinSwitch does not provide a wallet and you must get it from the coin you are trading.  It is very important that you provide the correct bitcoin wallet address or you may lose all your coins with the very feeble hope of recovery.

Exchange BTC to BCC or Vice Versa:

You will find the BTC on top and BCC at the bottom. You must enter the value that you wish to trade and click on continue. CoinSwitch is the best exchange or in case they are not dealing in a coin, they recommend the best exchange that will get you the best value at minimum costs.

Provide the other party address i.e. the BCC recipient address. You will also find a BTC address where you must send the BTC that you wish to exchange. Once the coins are received at the exchange they are converted to the BCC and sent to your BCC wallet.

The amount is transferred to the given address and you may have to wait for confirmations and conversion to BCC. There is a tracking tool available that enables you to track of the transactions on the blockchain system.

The transactions are completed quickly and you can cross check on your BCC wallet for confirmation of the transfer. For safety purposes, check your wallet if the funds have been credited or not.

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