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How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet?

In case you wish to utilize Bitcoin, the primary decision you need to make is what kind of wallet you will use to store Bitcoin and also to make transactions. Since Bitcoin is a digital currency and is not controlled by any centralized body, it enables a developer to create a personal wallet for multiple purposes.

Do realize that a Bitcoin wallet does not really stock the BTC. In reality, the Bitcoins are stored on the blockchain, a comprehensive public ledger that keeps a record of each and every Bitcoin transaction that ever took place. Wallets provide access to your coins through the public and private keys. Public keys are used for receiving Bitcoins. Private keys allow you to send coins, and should be considered as a password that ensures the security of the wallet. Since the transactions are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, one can access Bitcoins from various wallets, given you have the private and public keys with you.

Consider Your OS

While choosing a wallet, there are a few things you must ask yourself. Firstly, what sort of computer you will be using in order to access the BTC. A number of wallets are specially designed for Windows, Linux and OSX. Then again, there are wallets meant for smartphones such as Android or iPhone. There are cloud-based web wallets as well which are quite popular. These wallets are very easy to set up but are not that secure. These are convenient as these can be accessed from all gadgets having a web browser.
Online Wallets

Generally, wallets which keep running on your PC will provide a wide range of features, and at the same time, give you better security when contrasted with other web-based counterparts. A few prominent incidents may be cited in which online wallet services have been targeted by cyber criminals and the money belonging to the clients have been stolen. In the event that you need an online Bitcoin wallet, you must choose the one that has a decent name in the market and which additionally offers great security features, for example, the two-factor authentication. Numerous Bitcoin specialists contend that a mobile wallet is really the most secure online choice since the way that cell phone processors isolate encrypted information makes an encoded portable wallet very difficult to hack.

Offline Wallets

In case you are thinking about storing a good amount in your Bitcoin wallet, learn about its security features first. In contrast to a bank which is insured by the central government, if somebody hacks your wallet and robs your money, you will not be able to recover it. This is why it is recommended that you use an offline wallet to store a good amount of cash. Often considered as a cold storage, these wallets are not connected to the web and thus, cannot be hacked. A typical practice is to store the wallet on a USB drive in a protected store box.

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