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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

One primary issue that Bitcoin has been facing is the medium of payment to buy the cryptocurrency. PayPal has been reluctant for several years now due to many7 chargeback cases. However, now you can buy bitcoins with PayPal.

Buy Bitcoins Using eToro:

eToro is a platform that allows buying of bitcoins with PayPal although you cannot trade, withdraw, or send the coins to other users. In case you wish to sell bitcoins here, it must be in fiat currency only. eToro is the right place to take benefit of the fluctuations that bitcoin mining offers.

Buy Bitcoins Using Virwox:

Virwox is the virtual World Exchange which uses a virtual coin called SLL (Second Life Linden dollars). SLL can be purchased with PayPal. Virwox has overcome the issue of chargebacks since they are not selling bitcoins but rather SLLs on which they have control to prove that the coin has been received. You must register and then deposit USD into your account. Use the money to purchase SLL and use the SLL to buy bitcoins. However, there is a transaction fee for each purchase and it is quite high.
Buy Bitcoins with PayPal Using Local Bitcoins:

Local Bitcoins is a marketplace where the buyers and sellers meet. You will be interacting with a live human that wants to sell bitcoins and you can use the platform to pay with PayPal. There is a high transaction premium since the seller is willing to take the risk of chargeback. However, the waiting time is less and transactions are completed faster.

Buy Bitcoins Using Wirex:

Wirex supplies Bitcoin debit cards both physical and virtual. The card can be used by linking the card to your PayPal account. After adding the card to verify it for which you must have at least $3 for the PayPal charges. The verification is done with a 4 digit OTP. You can withdraw and transfer funds from your PayPal account to the Wirex account. Use the card to buy bitcoins with the funds that you transferred.

Buy Bitcoins from Paxful:

It again is the P2P marketplace that allows you to choose a seller and decide on the payment method. You may choose the seller or let the Paxful search for sellers. As a buyer, you can have a chat online with the seller to fix the amount. Once your payment is confirmed, bitcoins are released into your account.

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