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How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card?

Buying Bitcoins is not a walk in the park; while most people would be keen to invest in cryptocurrencies, the methods involved in buying these are complex. There are many websites which offer these services via credit and debit cards too. For instance, you will find this facility in sites like VirWox but it is a long process. There are others like Coinmama which caters to a global audience and Coinbase which is based in Europe, the US, and Canada that makes this work faster and smoother. Bitcoin investments should however not be done in haste because you need to have the intellect and competitive mindset to be successful. It is important to own a Bitcoin wallet as there are some exchanges which will need one. When you use exchanges, you need to ensure that these are genuine because there are many that are out to steal credit card information.

Where can you buy Bitcoin with credit cards?

Coinbase is unarguably the most reputed Bitcoin broker and you can purchase about $150 or 150 pounds every week using your credit or debit cards. This is possible in Europe, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia etc. Coinbase will also charge investors 3.99% flat fees for all buys through debit and credit cards. To start buying with Coinbase, you need to create your own account on Coinbase and verify the ID. You can enjoy high buying limits here and this offers an easy way for the newbie to get his Bitcoins. You can also avail of the “instant Buy” options for credit and debit cards. But purchases which are made using bank transfer may need more than 5 days and Coinbase may even track where you spend the Bitcoins.

Another popular Bitcoin broker is Coinmama which allows you to buy Bitcoins using debit and credit card. Here, you may be charged 6% flat fees for the risks and for processing which is associated with credit card purchases. Coinmama will also offer its client high buying limits and you may be able to get $5000 Bitcoins per day or $20,000 a month. When your account has been verified and you have made any purchase, you are given the Bitcoin in a matter of minutes. Coinmama will work in most places and offers highest limited when you buy using credit cards. This broker has a solid reputation although it may charge very high fees as compared to other brokers.

BitPanda is based in Austria and allows you to buy Bitcoins with credit and debit cards against 3%-4% fees. But this facility is available only to European residents. The fees will be shown in the purchase prices once you have completed the purchase. This broker offers low fees as compared to others and is known to be trustworthy. But fees do not get displayed publicly on their website. happens to be one of the first Bitcoin exchanges and caters to investors in US and Europe along with some South American countries. It has an elaborate verification process which takes half an hour to complete. It caters to investors in many regions and comes with a low trading fee of only 0.2%. It is a reputed and trusted broker. The only flip side is the long drawn verification process which demands quite a bit of information for submission.

Once you are set on purchasing Bitcoin with Credit/Debit Card and are interested in making more money, then you should opt for Bitcoin Mining services. It is the process wherein you can earn rewards (Bitcoin blocks) which will be added to your General Ledger.

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