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How to Buy Bitcoin Online Instantly?

SpectroCoin is the best platform that you can use to buy bitcoins with a credit or debit card without much waiting time. It will not take more than 10 minutes on an average to buy bitcoins worth up to $50. However, if you frequently trade across the platform, the limit can be increased up to $200 in 4 days and up to $500 in a week.

In addition to SpectroCoin, bitcoins can also be purchased at other exchanges including the decentralized exchange Bisq and Coinbase. There is an element of risk and high transaction fee when you purchase bitcoins using your debit or credit cards.

Register with a reliable bitcoin exchange. Use your local currency to pay for the bitcoins. Transfer the bitcoins to your wallet. You can also earn the coins with bitcoin mining. Get a Bitcoin debit card for use.

Bitcoin, like any cryptocurrency, is volatile and you must do a good thorough understanding of the subject to get good returns. It is recommended that you use a local exchange that deals with your local currency to earn a better price.

While looking for the best exchange, consider the following:

Rate: How is the rate offered in comparison to the market price found in the index. You can learn about it by comparing a local bitcoin exchange’s price with a price index and get the best exchange rate.

Payment Mode: Look for an exchange that will accept all modes. You could be having a preference. See if it is accepted. The fee varies from one mode to another.

Speed: This is important more so if transactions are large. If the verification time is long, it becomes riskier.

Limits: Some exchanges impose a restriction on buying limits. Big investors may purchase high amounts every day. You can know the limits in the FAQ pages.

Fees: The service charges vary from one exchange to another although most of them charge1% flat fee for every transaction. Check for details on their websites.

Privacy: It is mandatory for the exchanges that accept debit or credit cards to collect personal information of the users. The most secure and private way for bitcoin transactions is through cash.

There are several cases where exchanges have shut their shops and absconded with public funds. It is important for you to remove the bitcoins as soon as possible and transfer to your personal wallet.

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