Hashgains Hikes Its Maintenance Fees Referring to Incremented Hash Power Consumption

Hashgains, the leading crypto-currency mining portal, has today announced its incremented pricing for the maintenance operations. There is an incremented interest in the mining activities all over the world now-a-days and Hashgains too, is not insulated to the surge of requests it is receiving on per day basis. Therefore, more and more hash power is being consumed to keep the mining operations going on. To, let the execution of operations run smoothly as was before, Hashgains is required to put in more resources for maintenance of the existing operations and the cost of incremented resources in the maintenance ought to be reflected in the maintenance charges. So, from now on, the maintenance shall be charged at the rate of $ 0.0004990/GH/s/day from the earlier price of $ 0.0002990/GH/s/day. For all practical purposes this incremented price of $ 0.0004990/GH/s/day shall prevail with effect from 6th December 2017. Hashgains’ new pricing system is designed to drive evident performance enhancements across popular and prevailing mining operations. Our unwavering dedication for our clients across the globe shall remain firm and untiring by being their vehicle towards their monetary success by offering seamless cryptocurrency mining services.