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How Zcash Can Be Mined Using GPU?

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If you have decided to try Zcash mining, one of the first questions that could come up is which is the best hardware to mine. It is a valid question since the technology is changing rapidly and new hardware being developed every now and then. Mining on computer processors is not profitable in the present environment.

Zcash mining using GPU means building a computer with one or more Graphics cards (GPU). There are two options of AMD i.e. Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia Brand GPUs. You can find plenty of models online at Amazon or eBay or with the manufacturers. Use the Zcash mining calculators to check the profitability as it will vary based on the cost, efficiency in performance, electricity consumption etc.

You could also build your own rig. The advantage of owning a rig is it enables you to use it for mining some of the other cryptocurrencies as well.

1. Motherboard: The motherboard must come with PCI-E slots. The number of PCI-E slots will determine the GPUs it can house. Purchase a motherboard that comes with 6 GPU slots.

2. Graphics cards: A crucial and important component. GPUs are put under severe pressure while the mining is going on. Ensure you buy the most modern and a durable one. Check the hashrate online before you purchase.

3. CPU: You need not do any high investment on CPUs since the mining primarily is done on the GPUs.

4. RAM: A 4 GB RAM would be more than sufficient.

5. Hard Drives: Use SSDs for better speed and efficiency.

6. Power supply: High watt PSUs are required based on the power consumption of the GPUs.

7. PCI-E Risers: This could be useful to connect the motherboards and GPUs. .

8. Open frame case: The frame must be big enough to hold all the components.

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