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 Post subject: What Is Monero Wallet?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:49 am 

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What Is Monero Wallet?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:52 am 

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Monero is a crypto currency that is as good as cash for the business world, which is connected with each other through internet service. Monero is a digital coin which is not only fast, but it has this unique feature of being a private and secure digital coin also. The user of Monero herself/himself becomes the bank of Monero and always remains so, so that the user can safely spend Monero, knowing fully well that no one else will be able to either see the user’s Monero balances or will be able to track the Monero transactional activities of the user. Monero is also a fungible crypto currency.

A Monero wallet is a software program. A Monero wallet stores private user’s keys. This software program of Monero wallet interacts with several blockchains. This interaction with blockchains enables the Monero users to send or receive Monero digital coins. This interaction also helps in monitoring the balance of the Monero digital coins.

This Monero wallet software program is needed to store Monero digital coins by the user. This Monero wallet also enables the user to send, receive Monero digital coins and for spending Monero digital coin, as a price to be paid in exchange of any goods or service purchased by the user. Without having a Monero wallet, a miner of Monero can also not start mining Monero, either with a CPU Monero miner or a GPU Monero miner, as because the new Monero units, received by the Monero miners as a reward for successfully mining Monero, have to be stored in the Monero wallet only.

The easiest way to get a wallet for Monero is to log in into one website. There are several Monero wallets available for downloading from the official website of Monero wallets. These wallets have the versions of Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, FreeBSD. ARM, Dragonfly BSD, Source Code and Blockchain, for the users to choose from.

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