Support FAQ's

Unlike other websites that charges in advance, HashGains start mining of your preferred cryptocurrency within 24-72 hours of payment verification. After the verification, your hashing power will start giving rewards.
We normally recommend the payment once 0.1 BTC is accrued in your wallet; however many people purchase yearly contract in that case it is difficult to accumulate 0.1 BTC. Hence, we at HashGains provide relaxed payouts at 0.005 BTC once the 0.1 BTC is accrued.
HashGains works in highly transparent manner. We have created the dashboard where you can check your mining returns that will be updated on regular basis.
We are highly transparent organization, hence witnessing the customers’ concern, we have created mining profitability calculator in all fiat currencies. We offer cryptocurrency cloud mining services that are updated on the basis of difficult levels and other parameters. Your Mining returns on the dashboard will have the same details as seen publicly on our website.
No, at the moment this process is not automated owing to various security incidents. When you cross minimum return threshold, then you can request for returns to be paid by adding your wallet address.
Our data centers are located in India and China. We at HashGains mostly make use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy.
Due to increased scam in the mining industry, we understand that this question is quite obvious. With an extensive experience of more than 15 years, HashGains possesses 1500+ well-qualified IT professionals. HashGains is backed by Cyfuture, a leader in running and managing data centers across the globe for thousands of customers, including 10 of Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, you are completely secured and are in safe hands with the investment in HashGains.
Yes, we charge small mining fee of 0.0008 BTC for each transfer. We would like to confirm fellow customers that this is something which is required to be paid by HashGains as well to the network.
HashGains is backed by data center industry experts and we want profits in maintenance fee we charge for hashing rate.
For this, kindly refer our mining calculator on the website and check your returns.
Well, this is a bit tricky question and no other cloud mining company can give answer to this. However, we being highly transparent and fair would like to tell you that your mining returns in cryptocurrency normally drops as time passes, but historically it has been observed that ROI (Return on Investment) will be calculated in percentage only gets better. The reason for improvement in the ROI is the price hike of cryptocurrencies that is predicted to further increase in the near future. For example, on 56 TH/s you would roughly get 0.20 BTC per month or in dollar terms 0.20 BTC x$15000 (assuming price of Bitcoin) will help you make $3000 per month. Now let’s assume if this mining return on same contract size of 56 TH/s goes down to 0.15 BTC and BTC prices touches $20,000 you would make roughly same returns 0.15 x$20,000 = $3000.
Only a few companies would tell you all this. Though we would also like to add that world’s most respected leaders have predicted bitcoin to touch $1 Million dollar in the future. (Kindly note that HashGains is not claiming any such thing).
No, this is not permitted as HashGains makes major investment on behalf of your promise of adhering contract for 24 months and hence no cancellation is permitted.
As per current estimate on the calculator, you can recover your investments in 4 to 6 months and make profits for the remaining period; however this subject to the hangs on mining difficultly levels that will be shown transparently on our calculator every time.
You can make the payment in cryptocurrency, credit/debit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. However, we normally prefer payments in cryptocurrency or through bank transfer in order to avoid disputes later.
It is our endeavor to ensure safety and security of every HashGainer so we constantly work to enhance the security. We usually recommend usage of two-factor authentication implemented on our website.
HashGains is known for its exemplary support. Drop an email at [email protected] and you will get a ticket based response within 24 hours.
Every contract offered by HashGains is time based, therefore you won’t be able to add hashing power to existing contract, but you can always add new contracts to your account.
HashGains make use of latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chips and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) machines for achieving excellent returns. However, your returns are independent of mining equipment/hardware that are used by HashGains. You buy hashing power from HashGains and get returns based on that hashing rate.
HashGains has mega green data centres and thousands of machines that become part of cloud network and you get your share of mining power in that cloud.
We suggest you to first read the reasons why you must buy your mining contract with
If the legal requirements arise in future you may be asked to provide the identity documents (Photo ID, Address Proof, Passport, Driving License... etc) for your identification for initiating the process of KYC.
Yes, we charge small mining fee of 0.0008 BTC or equivalent currency for each transfer. We would like to confirm fellow customers that this is something which is required to be paid by HashGains as well to the network. 0.0008 BTC transaction for each contract.
HashGains is a cryptocurrency mining company which provides a safe and easy mechanism to make the purchase of hash power without having the need to deal with the complicated set of software as well as hardware solutions. We are in the business of providing the mining services of crypto currency along with an aggregate of solutions which are related to mining related tasks for a wide range of investors. Combination of our state of art mining infrastructure with the experience of running data centers for more than 15 years to Fortune 500 companies gives us a unique edge over the traditional newly founded crypto currency mining service providers. We have got a dedicated engineering team having the extensive and wide variety of knowledge regarding the sector of digital crypto currencies having superb specialization in mining so that we are able build the most workable and dependable services regarding crypto currency mining. Cyfuture is our Parent company which has the experience of being in the business of Data Centers and Cloud Computing for more than 15 years.
The procedure is very swift and easy as a child's play! Just after the receipt of payment by you is confirmed from our side; we add up a contract under the profile which you have created over our platform. The immediate crypto currency mining can be carried on from the time contact is being placed under your profile. Depending upon your choice you can opt in to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum LiteCoin, Monero, Z Cash or Dash over the platform of HashGains; directly controlling the things from the user interface provided to you.
We want to guarantee our clients that whatever hardware we put in use for mining for our use shall remains the same for the clients as well! However, our funding is not unlimited. We do believe that mining of Bitcoin and other alternative crypto currencies is a highly profitable activity still we "don't want to put all our stakes over a single stock".

What people don't realize is that it is possible that the purchase of crypto currency mining equipment may seem to be cheaper with respect to cloud mining at first sight; still there are certain overhead and hidden costs related to the task of buying and ‘in real’ execution of the task of mining from a mining hardware. These overhead charges might alter the economics of crypto currency mining in a big way. For example, you need to pay the shipping costs, custom and excise taxes, value added taxes etc., as a part of the purchase cost of mining equipment. Also you need to invest your time in the delivery of crypto currency mining equipment as it may take substantial time and ‘time is money’. While with the case of crypto currency mining over a cloud mining facility like that of HashGains you will receive your hash power in an instant of your receipt of payments. Not an iota of delay!

Also you will need to purchase additional piece of equipment such as PSU which is an electric appliance which helps to match the electric supply statistics of your region or country. You also need to purchase control units so that the things get assembled properly.

In addition to this, you have to be a technically inclined person to benefit maximum from the crypto currency mining exercises done at home because the whole process requires tedious job of configuring and assembling of each and every of the parts. It often happens that people who are beginners in the field of crypto currency mining tend to underestimate the magnitude of labor and technical knowhow which is needed to be put; for making the device executable. It is often found that people who have never done crypto currency mining before, take up months even for the configuration of crypto currency. By delaying the opportunities you miss your time as well as your money.

Your electricity consumption bills might shoot up because these machines take up too much electricity. While, if you choose to mine from HashGains crypto currency facility which uses green energy for all its mining needs you would surely be at the profit side of the task.

Still we don't want to underestimate your technical as well as general knowledge; hence, we don't want to discourage you from trying your crypto currency endeavors at your home. People often come to us asking about the prices of our plans and compare these to the mining equipment costs. Hence, we would like to clarify that often people forget to add up the add-on costs which are to be borne by the customer if he chooses to mine at his home.

Currently, we accept all kind of credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking methodologies so that our diverse pool of clients sitting in different cities of the world can avail our awesome services. PayPal payment method is also activated by default over our platform. So you just need to pick up the correct mining plan mapped against its cost and purchase the mining contact. NOTE: It may be possible that in some of the cases your bank might incur additional charges/ fees for making a purchase at our website.
The cost of maintenance which we charge is related to all the costs which we bear during the procedure of crypto currency mining such as hosting charges, maintenance charges, cooling charges, as well as electricity bills.
Recently, we have undergone massive rate cuts in the maintenance charges which apply to all our customers new as well as existing ones. Earlier we used to charge $ 0. 0004990 /GH/s/day and after a whopping discount of 35% on the maintenance charges the current price is $ 0. 00032435 /GH/s/day.
The maintenance fees are deducted on a per day basis. Calculating unit for maintenance fees is US Dollars per Giga Hash per second per day.
You can contact our 24 x 7 chat support service by just opening our website and a chat window shall popup in the bottom left corner of the screen. Also in case of email support you may write us at [email protected] for any kind of query. We shall be more than happy to help you. You can also drop the message in case you want to suggest anything additional to be added or a feature to be incorporated by pressing the let's talk button available on our home page. If you want to be in touch of what people are saying about us you can join the telegram messenger services and join the chat group at
Client support is on our priority list. We utilize our maximum resources on serving the needs of our customers. We understand why it is very much pertinent to answer the queries posed by our potential client as well as investors. We love to answer questions not just about the feelings of clients about our services but we are also interested in making our customers understand how this whole endeavor of crypto currency mining works.
Yes HashGains is open to mining of varied crypto currencies at the same time. It is you, the customer, who is the competent authority to choose which crypto currency you wish to mine and which not to. Completely tailor made plans of crypto currency mining are available as per the requirement of our customers. The ball is entirely in the customer’s court. Our obligation then remains of providing the state of art services of crypto currency mining of whatever plan our customer picks up.
For being in touch with us you can follow us on Facebook Twitter and YouTube. We do have a chat window at the telegram messenger platform available at the link Our Facebook page could be found that Similarly you can do it test at At YouTube we are available at

Payout will be done be within 1 to 7 days but at times due to enhanced security measure which involves manual checks, it may take longer.

We in advance thanks our investors for endurance, in case there is ever a delay. You can drop a mail at [email protected] for further queries.