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Before we plunge straight into the debate of Litecoin Vs Gold and determine which would be a better form of investment at the moment, let’s take into account the current scenario of the investment markets and consider how Litecoin as a digital asset and Gold as a liquid asset have contributed to the market value.

Litecoin Mining for Beginners

Amidst the numerous hoards available in the cryptomarket today, Litecoin has been in the talks for quite some time and is doing pretty well for itself as well as for its users. Formulated by Charles Lee, an ex-Googler and a bigshot of the Coinbase startup, Litecoin was launched in 2011 as one of the primary Bitcoin forks. It is a peer-to-peer currency that permits prompt transactions at near-zero charges. Based on the open-source Bitcoin codebase, Litecoin has many features in common with its big brother. But it is not a mere clone of the Bitcoin Blockchain as many would claim. Litecoin tried to resolve two of the major issues that Bitcoin miners were facing- lengthy transaction time and scalability issues. While Bitcoin platform takes about 10 minutes to complete a transaction, Litecoin takes only 2.5 minutes. The four-fold upturn effectively accelerates the transaction process and allows the Litecoin network to handle large volumes of transactions when scaling.

How Litecoin Proves To Be a Better Investment than Gold

Speaking of stability and popularity, gold may seem to be a consensus choice. No doubt, it provides security in times of crisis, even when the world is hit by the terrific storm of inflation. It is one of the most liquid assets and has a huge market chain. But if, indeed, inflation does come unannounced, where will you encash your gold? What value has it got to offer in a market which witnesses a sudden dip in the purchasing power of consumers? The consistent rise in the value of Litecoin proves that it is bound to offer great return of investments in the near future. At least, that’s what the latest predictions say! It initially started off at a mere rate of 7 cents and has increased by leaps and bounds in these few years. The price of one Litecoin currently stands at $302, but this is simply an invariable number which will again increase with time. There’s no physical asset involved here, which makes it all the more alluring. When compared to real gold, this digital silver seems to take away the winning award.