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The global inception of cryptographic currency has contributed in a big way to the world economy and is a great alternative for traditional investments of every form. Different platforms have so long been busy discussing the significant upgrades and the onset of the new Blockchain applications in the crypto space that may bring forth a decentralized solution for online miners. Zcash, one of the latest models of Bitcoin Chain that was launched in October 2016, is a hidden and private channel that helps you make direct payments to your peers without divulging the amount, origin or location of the transaction. Ethereum, on the other hand, operates on a decentralized platform which stores data, executes smart contracts and expedites services of the global economic market.

Both Ethereum and Zcash operate on a digitized and decentralized platform, but that is the only similarity that these two payment networks share. The differences are many, as both have different structures and have set different aims in the Blockchain community. The innate differences of these two, do not, however, stop them from working together to change the destiny of decentralized applications.


Zcash features the Zero cash protocol and has been formulated mainly as a resolution for Bitcoin's lack of privacy. Zcash works on an end-to-end encryption platform that makes sure that the user's payment history remains hidden from all vying eyes.

User anonymity broadens the scope of safe online payments on Zcash, which is otherwise based on the skeletal structure of Bitcoin technology barring a few differences, such as

  • The block interim target of 2.5 minutes instead of 10 minutes
  • The limit of the block size modified to 2MB
  • The introduction of a confidential asset transaction plan
  • A new scheme which involves a reward of 20% to the team of Zcash for every block created till the first 4 years


Ethereum is the second largest payment network after Bitcoin and comes with the smart contract feature that can change the fate of world economy. Initially, creating Blockchain applications was a hard-hitting job and required cryptography, coding and mathematics. Ethereum has changed the way the world sees cryptocurrencies and is known for some of its major application features which include:

  • Utilizing the self-help smart contracts that provide vast scope for audit and compliance
  • It comes with a zero downtime, zero censorship and the least possibility of third part interference
  • The invention of the Ethereum Virtual Machine has helped reduce the block time to a mere 12 seconds
  • It has its own coding system which allows developers to create endless new applications