Ethereum Vs octacoin

In case you are thinking of investing your money in virtual currency (also referred to as cryptocurrency) and find yourself enmeshed in a confusing web of alluring bargains, then here’s some quick guide to help you find a firm footing in the revolutionary cryptospace! Though Onecoin may seem like a better investment because of the recent hype and for making it to the warm headlines in reputed financial dailies, Ethereum, is a safer and more feasible option to go with- whether you are a veteran or a first-time investor.

The Concept of Onecoin

It’s been a few years since Onecoin has established itself as a well-known cryptocurrency in the global market. The global supporters of Onecoin speak highly of all its benefits and how it can be of great advantage to investors all across the globe. It provides an advanced platform from where you can avail all the products and services of the Onelife network. You not only put your money in safe hands, but at the same time, can also expect huge profit margins. However, the expert dealers in cryptocurrency would rather lend a word of caution and advise you against investing your funds on this risky platform. The concept of Onecoin as a real-time investment (one that promises lucrative returns) seems attractive to novices in this field. As a first-timer, you may be lured in, but know this for sure that there are possibilities of random discrepancies between your actual balance and your account statement. Also, if you do not request a pay out from this dubious site, you will not be able to control your earnings. To add to the woes of Onecoin enthusiasts, there is no valid evidence which states that this is based on a true Blockchain system like Ethereum. Even sellers do not accept payment from this platform or accept this digital currency.

Why Choose Ethereum

Ethereum is much more than just a virtual currency. Based on the Blockchain technology, it boasts of attractive features such as Smart Contracts and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Ethereum makes use of the store application of Blockchain to negotiate business deals and contracts. It is based on a decentralized model that makes it difficult to initiate fraud, interference of third parties or any form of censorship. Also, it allows developers to create new applications on the Blockchain without any hindrance from the network.

All said and done, it is evident which of the above two would be a better deal to go for, without a second thought.