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With the advent of cryptocurrency, people can effortlessly make financial transactions and pursue businesses on their own terms. Sending and receiving money is now relatively easy with the decentralized Blockchain technology that operates on the digital network. In contrast to traditional Fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are not regulated by governments or banks. Businesses can now be a part of smart contracts that is supported by an innovative network. Privacy issues and security breaches are a thing of the past now, and with cryptocurrencies, you are immune to unpredictable inflation attacks and corrupt investment scams.

Bitcoin ranks first in the realm of cryptocurrencies and is a popular choice among investors and traders. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast would know, Dash and Ripple have also made quite a name for themselves and are counted among the other prevalent cryptocurrencies in the market.


Conflicting opinions exist regarding the use of Ripple as a cryptocurrency. However, none can deny the multiple benefits that it has to offer to online miners. Strongly focused on transactional efficacy, it has proved its worth to several world banks who have currently adopted its Blockchain technology to run smoother, day-to-day operations. Developed in the year 2012, for instant, secure transactions across the globe at incredibly low charges, Ripple as a payment network is based on Bitcoin’s simple design. Nonetheless, its source code is privately owned and cannot be viewed by the public. It is one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the world.


One good thing about Dash is that online users can avail the benefit of quick, anonymous transactions, that’s lacking in Bitcoin. The masternodes on the Dash network help provide these valuable services and at the same time, motivate users to maintain the balance in their e-wallets. Dash has also started influencing the point-of-sale market through its planned tie-ups. When all these features are taken into account, Dash or Darkcoin (as it was previously known) comes across as a lucrative investment opportunity for industry experts as well as newcomers. Its advanced Bockchain technology is based on X11, which is an assemblage of 11 different algorithms, and confirms the impartial supply of coins among miners. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Which is a better investment ?

According to the latest updates in the cryptospace, Dash has already taken over Ripple and is in the top five position (after Bitcoin and Ethereum) in terms of value in the global market.