DigitalCash Vs octacoin

In case you are trying to weigh the pros and cons of Dash and Octacoin, and wondering which would be a better platform to invest your money in- we say, hold on! Ask the expert dealers of cryptospace and they would give you a 100 reasons to invest your money in Dash and another 100 why you should not go for Octacoin.


Octacoin has been in the news of late and has successfully created a chain of more than 1100 blocks and the process will continue till it reaches the set limit of 39 million. It has been formulated by the Crypto888 group and is still not available for sale in the wallet. If you wish to purchase Octacoin, you will have to enroll yourself as a paid member on the Crypto888 platform and invest your money there. The members claim that your money will be converted to betting chips that will be used by betters and gamblers all over the world. But do not get lured into the clever trap that claims hefty returns in a matter of 7 days. Many consider it to be a scam that aims at usurping people’s savings.


Dash is a simple and reliable crypto-platform that is designed for everyone. Based on Bitcoin’s open-source software, Dash or digital cash was launched in the year 2014 and aimed at rectifying the usage and scalability issues of Bitcoin. Its PrivateSend feature allows anonymous transactions via third party mixing. The Supernodes or Masternodes regulate the coin mixing process so as to achieve the desired level of privacy in all transactional operations. Its InstantSend feature allows faster transactions even when there’s a sudden rise in the page traffic. This is successfully achieved by charging an operational fee of around 10%. Dash has already established itself as a popular cryptocurrency and rules among the top 5 in the world chart.

Which is a better form of investment- Dash or Octacoin ?

Well, no credits for guessing the right answer! Dash is over and above the shady nature of Octacoin that supposedly dupes people with the promise of huge turnovers. Even if it’s not a scam (as Crypto888 developers claim), why take risk and invest in something that’s not even a proven Blockchain network? Dash provides assurance and the way Dash coin prices are going up, it is sure to provide great ROIs in the near future.