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Not all cryptocurrencies that claim to be safe and anonymous are 100% foolproof. When choosing a cryptocurrency, or investing on a well-known platform, here are a few features that need to be reviewed:

  • Privacy : This means your transactions are not for public access
  • Non-traceability : This disables Blockchain monitoring
  • Security : All transactions (as well as your wallet) have been secured with end-to-end encryption
  • Fungibility : All coins have equal value
  • Decentralized Functioning : The network overrides the possibility of superclass (all nodes are equal here)


  • Private : It is cryptographically sound and allows users to accept or send money without the possibility of your Blockchain transactions being publically accessed. All your receipts, purchases, or transfers are completely private.
  • Untraceable : Monero's ring signatures make sure that all transactions are untraceable and cannot be linked to a particular user.
  • Fungible : All coins are equal on the Monero network and have equal value. No one has the power to blacklist or block Monero coins as the transaction history for all payments are completely hidden.
  • Decentralized : All nodes on the Monero network are equal and hence, decentralized. There are no Masternodes that control the transactions or have influence over the other nodes. Secured with a trusted source code, the Monero network is free from traceability.

Dash Coin

  • Lacks Privacy : Many cryptocoins come with a 'rich list', which enables users to view accounts that have the maximum number of coins. Unlike Monero, Dash has a rich list, which invariably means it cannot be completely private. The financial data can be accessed by anyone monitoring the Blockchain.
  • Traceable : All transactions are directed through a set of Masternodes, making them untraceable. But if any random entity- be it the government or a group of cyber hackers- buys a series of Masternodes, the user will not be aware of this. When he or she makes transactions online, these will pass the route leading to the privately owned Masternodes, making them vulnerable to the public eye. Owing to the coin-mixing services by the third parties, the security of the Dash network has remained a debatable topic.
  • Secure : All Dash transactions are cryptographically secure.
  • Not Fungible : There's potential risk of Dash coins being blocked or blacklisted by a hacking entity owing to the lack of complete privacy of users' transactions.
  • Semi-centralized : All Dash nodes are not equal as there are superclass nodes or Masternodes which have a greater impact over the transactional operations than the regular nodes.