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Both Dash and Litecoin have established themselves as a popular cryptocurrency, with a fan following that seems to be increasing ever since the two entered the cryptospace. Though not as famous as Bitcoin (owing to the fact that they are relatively new in the market), Dash coin and Litecoin have stood strong grounds against the severe opposition from competitive virtual currencies that offer lucrative benefits. So, which one is better- Dash or Litecoin? The debate seems never-ending as you take into account the long-term benefits of these two investments.

Dash or Litecoin- Which is a better investment ?

Dash, also known as digital cash, was originally identified by the cryptic name ‘Darkcoin’ and found a foothold in the industry in the first half of 2015. With a team of skilled marketing personnel, Dash is aiming for a global market where potential customers can partake in crypto mining despite belonging to a non-technical background.

Why Choose Dash ?

There are a number of reasons why Dash is a preferred cryptocurrency, over and above Litecoin. One of the many benefits that it offers is the high transaction speed, which makes it popular among the different Dash communities. It also deals with scaling problems and usage issues- two of the major concerns that cryptocurrencies like Litecoin are yet to get a hang of. Dash has an upper hand over Litecoin because of its Insta Send feature, which allows you to instantly receive and send Dash coins. If you are sending Dash coins via Insta Send, your transaction touches different master nodes across the Blockchain network. Any transaction that faces conflict is instantly blocked and then rejected, which averts the risk of double-spending. Often times, the status of your transaction may come as pending even though the money has been deducted from your account. You will again have to make a fresh payment while waiting for the refund from your previous failed transaction. Dash negates any such possibility with its incredible InstaSend feature (which was initially known by the name InstantX). As Dash buckles up for a ‘mini revolution’ of sorts (with its imminent upgrades), people from all backgrounds can now easily crack deals with their virtual money. The PrivateSend feature is yet another secret card that Dash has come up with, stunning everyone. Not only is it impossible to trace a user’s transaction history, but it also allows him or her to increase his or her anonymity. Its decentralized platform blocks cyber-attacks and fraudulence of any kind on its private network.

Why Choose Litecoin?

Litecoin currently stands in the fourth position in the global rating of cryptocurrencies and is one of the oldest digital asset in the market. Ever since its inception in the year 2011 at the hands of Charlie Lee, it has won the favors and faith of investors, users and developers alike. As silver is to gold, Litecoin is to Bitcoin. It is ranked number two in China, as against Ethereum (which very well explains its consistently high demand in the market). Litecoin has a limit of 84 million, as against Bitcoin’s 21 million (the 4:1 ratio explains its rivalry with the big brother, Bitcoin). Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin is soon going to update its network with the Segregated Witness or SegWit, which allows scaling at a uniform level. Rumor has it that Litecoin has come up with a new privacy feature though there’s no real confirmation on this as yet.

The Conclusion

After taking into account the unique features of both these cryptocurrencies, Dash is undoubtedly a superior choice to go with. Not only has it adopted a simplistic design for the layman’s benefit, but also tags ‘anonymity’ as one’s favorite diction.