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When it comes to comparing Dash with Gold, and weighing the consequences of these two major investments, the traditionalists would go with the age-old mineral asset that has stood the test of time and value in this ever-changing world. No doubt, gold is a great alternative for dollars and minted coins and has been in use since times immemorial- even before the invention of currency. Dash, in this regard, is reasonably new and may seem more like a dubious payment method when compared to gold. However, before you draw any conclusion, evaluate the important factors such as stability and liquidity that govern every investment- be it Dash Coin or Gold.

Benefits of Investing in Gold

When it comes to stability and liquidity, gold is a popular choice. It is a long-term investment that provides security even when inflation has hit center stage. It has witnessed considerable growth since the onset of the Second World War. Its possession value gives it an edge over other forms of investment. Its transaction is a real time business and is not dependent on any online platform. It is, thus, free from third party encroachments and cyber threats that come as a part and parcel of every online transaction. Also, when it comes to safety and reliability, gold wins the race. Rulers have come and rulers have gone, but what remained has been nothing less than a static miracle. Its possession gives you power, as it did to many an autocrat and fewer democrats.

Benefits of Investing in Dash

The way Dash communities have gained popularity of late speaks volumes about this new cryptocurrency, which has recently entered the market. The value of one Dash coin is much higher than many of its competitors, which explains why you should invest in Dash currency. Its simple design enables miners to access it easily without much hassle. It is a secure gateway that ensures the anonymity of users via its PrivateSend feature. Its InstaSend feature enables faster transactions despite higher traffic on the page by charging some extra amount. This negates the chances of double-deductions from your account for one particular transaction.

Which is a better investment in the long run ?

While gold remains the undisputed choice for investors worldwide, cryptocurrency miners would know the benefits of investing in Dash for long-term benefits. If one takes into account the consistent rise in the price of Dash in the last couple of years, then investing on this incredible platform seems to promise great ROI in the near future.