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Ethereum seemed like a perfect solution for Bitcoin's popular drawbacks, with its smart contract feature that negated the possibility of downtime, censorship, fraudulence or any form of third party interference. But the sad part is, Ethereum has still not dealt with Bitcoin's privacy and scalability issues, even though it has successfully increased the transaction speed and reduced the processing time. When privacy became a cause of concern, Dash came to the rescue and solved these major issues.

Dash Coin in Tough Competition with Ethereum

The value of Dash, or digital cash, has increased of late, because of its simple layout that makes it useable for an expert miner as well as a novice. Its technological innovation has reached the zenith of success and the Dash communities can’t stop bragging about the same. Unlike the Ethereum Blockchain, which was hacked recently, Dash Coin is quite strict about its network security. Ethereum ran into its own security issues owing to a series of conflicting ICOs (multiple transactions took place simultaneously) that brought the network to an abrupt halt and froze all exchange wallets. This is where the role of Dash comes to the fore. It deals with its ICO bottlenecks via its smart feature, InstantSend. Taking advantage of the Masternode network (level 2) to secure inputs, Dash makes sure that all transactions are instantly cleared with a little extra fee during high traffic. All your important transactions will be cleared in the flash of time, while you can get your backlogs cleared one by one. The InstaSend application increases the fee by a decimal point. This replaces the typical bidding conflict for transactions (experienced by Bitcoin as well as Ethereum) wherein the battle over confirmation time doesn't speed up charges beyond a fixed, low level. Unlike the Status ICO, Dash transactions would be confirmed despite the high congestion, while the average transaction charges would go up a notch. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum too runs the risk of fund traceability across the Blockchain network. Its mixing services may seem like a probable solution to privacy concerns, but since it's a third-party service, the user's privacy is linked to these operations. However, with Dash's PrivateSend feature, one can anonymously send or receive currency. This helps users maintain their privacy.

Dash Coin Over and Above Ethereum

If Ethereum doesn’t resolve its scalability and user issues that it has inherited from its big brother, Bitcoin, it may face a real storm in 2018 in the form of Dash network that has the potential to topple Ether from its #2 position in the list of global cryptocurrency ranking.

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