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Kyle Hagan and Evan Duffield, the inventors have brought to the table something completely new. The several innovative Dash features are intended to increase the anonymity of online users and improve the operating system. Still in its initial stages of technological evolution, Dash was initially created to serve the purpose of an online currency system. While only a few sellers accept Dash as a mode of payment, it has a vast fan following and its valuation is much higher than the other cryptocurrencies, including Dogechain. Its InstaSend feature enables faster, untraceable transactions. If you are aware of Bitcoin’s default mixing, you would understand how Dash operates at a different level. Every discrete user on the Dash platform can opt for multiple mixing. With Dash, your ledger is not available for public viewing, thus securing your anonymity. The network has the added benefit of Masternodes which cross-check the Blockchain and make sure that it is not being handled by any unrecognized entity.


Unlike Dash, the value of Dogecoin is not dependent on the market rates of Bitcoin. Young and unique, it was initially developed in 2013 as a ‘joke currency’ (an Internet meme by the name ‘doge’, featuring the image of the Japanese dog Shiba Inu and inscribed with broken English characters) but became popular over time and made it to the list of serious payment gateways.

Keeping aside its ironical usages, Dogecoin comes with a lot of exciting features that are lacking in contemporary cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin’s transfer time is just about a minute, and it doesn’t come with a predetermined production limit. Dogecoin’s unlimited transaction, however, depends on the stock created by its developers. More than 200 enterprises across the globe accept Dogecoin payments and the numbers are increasing at a rapid rate. Dogecoin’s user base is also quite strong. The different Dogecoin communities have been actively involved in legitimizing its usage on different platforms. Unlike Bitcoin’s SHA-256, Dogecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm that promotes crypto mining.