Bitcoin Vs onecoin

When it comes to digital investments, many of us feel that Onecoin might be a better option than Bitcoin. However, this is nowhere close to the actual truth as the industry veterans would know better. Those who do invest in Onecoin are not much aware of the cryptographic payment methods and bitcoin makes little sense to them.

What is Onecoin?

In the last few years, Onecoin has established quite a name in the market. Advocates of Onecoin have created a propaganda about the benefits of using this digital currency that is supposed to make investors wealthy and at the same time, provide a perfect gateway to Onelife products and services. But the old-school dealers in cryptocurrency warn against the disadvantages of Onecoin that technologically backward people often tend to sideline. No doubt, the concept of Onecoin looks appealing to many, but the entire project falls apart when the user realizes that their actual funds may not be the same as shown in the updated account balance. As long as they do not request a payout from the site, they will never be able to control their funds. As against the boastful claim made by the digital currency team, there is no proper evidence that would establish the fact that Onecoin is based on a blockchain system. In fact, Onecoin is not even a legitimate currency with proper uses, apart from the one provided by the Onelife system.

What is Bitcoin?

Often referred to as an ‘inferior currency’ by Onecoin developers, Bitcoin, is, in fact the only currency that has seen a gradual elevation in its user base, making it user-friendly and a popular form of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is everything that Onecoin can never be. While many refer to Onecoin as a spam currency, Bitcoin is the trusted storehouse of lucrative investments. Bitcoin requires no prior approval from any centralized body. It is interesting to note that the Onelife network does not accept payments from the Bitcoin server. At the same time, no merchant accepts payment from Onecoin users, and even if they do, these transactions are not documented. In stark contrast, Bitcoin payments are globally accepted by online and offline retailers all across the globe. Bitcoin debit cards prove to be useful means of all transactions, while in the case of Onecoin, there is no debit card that may be used.