Bitcoin Vs octacoin

Cryptocurrency is an online asset that has been specifically designed to operate as a form of exchange using cryptography- so as to secure all transactions that take place on its network. If you are looking for a good investment opportunity, then digital currency would be a great choice. It’s been quite a while since the first kind of digital currency came into being- from Bitcoin to Octacoin, the journey has been a pleasant one. The count goes up by the day as developers come up with new strategies and upgraded plans to popularize a new digital currency that’s launched every other day. Out of the 600 different kinds, Bitcoin and Octacoin are the two popular ones. So, when it comes to investing your money, what should you look at- rapid turnovers or reliable consistency?

Bitcoin Vs Octacoin- A Critical Analysis

Bitcoin, the earliest form of digital currency, has seen a path-breaking journey in the world of digital money. It makes use of peer-to-peer tools and technology to verify each and every transaction made by the online users. Based on an open-source software, it is designed for public use with no central bank or authority controlling its operations. Everyone can partake in the transaction process- pay bills, invest money, collect exchanges and so on. It provides an interesting facility for across-the-world payments and its low processing fee makes it a popular choice among miners of every age group.

Latest in the news is Octacoin, which has already formed a chain of 1100 blocks, but there’s more to go as the limit is close to 39 million. It is not yet available for purchase in a wallet system and the miners may have to wait for some more time. There is an anonymous group by the name Crypto888 where you can find all the relevant information related to Octacoin. You have to get a paid membership and you have to invest a certain amount which will then get converted into chips. These chips, in turn, will enter one huge betting pool. Crypto888 has already reached a membership of whooping 60,000 in almost no time and it is growing every day. Moreover, you perform the role of a passive better, while your chips are used by gamblers in various online and offline casinos, and by realtors and stock market agents. Your money is in no way lost, and would receive huge dividends within a week. Latest case studies suggest that an average member receives a profit of 10.5% every week. You can also avail the MLM bonus in case you bring your friends to the group. Many out there consider it to be a cyber scam that usurps people’s money since the returns promised seem too good to be true. Well, it’s always better to invest your money is a trusted wallet instead of seeking short term profits and losing out on all your savings. This is where Bitcoin comes into the picture. It has already established a name for itself and is transparent in all its workings- the reason why Bitcoin is still the most popular form of digital currency despite the quick accessibility of so many bitcoin clones and upgraded versions in the market.