ethereum mining profitable
Aug 8, 2018

Why Do You Need to Know Ethereum Mining Profitability?

Mining is nothing but the process of solving blocks or complex mathematical problems by making use of computing powers from specialized mining devices. In mining, user transactions are verified and then added to a blockchain which works like a public ledger. Rewards are given to the miners who have successfully solved the problems and these

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Apr 27, 2018

The Basic Rules for Setting up Your Equipment for Efficient Mining

When speaking of cryptocurrency mining, the smallest bit of hash power also matters. It might seem that the minute gap between 15Mh/s and 15.2Mh/s is irrelevant, however, with time, this distinction can produce a significant profit. As a beginner who is just trying his hands at cryptocurrency mining, you may implement a few things which

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Mining Hardware
Feb 6, 2018

Companies That Will Produce Mining Hardware in the Future

Mining hardware has so far been dominated by Chinese companies with Bitmain selling equipments to the tune of 60% of current hash rate. But, now there are quite a few well-known companies which are stating that they will bring forth cutting-edge state of-the-art equipments in the mining hardware industry. The Antminer S9 which is the

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