How To Start Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining With HashGains

Since the start of 2016, cryptocurrency cloud mining services have become quite popular as a means of gaining profits.

For some individuals, this kind of profit-making has become an essential form of income. A good number of services these days provide choices when it comes to cloud mining. Nonetheless, only a couple of them are truly dependable, genuine, and profitable. HashGains is one of those popular, mainstream platforms that a large number of investors trust today.

What is HashGains?

HashGains is one of the leading cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms which has been in operation since 2016. This global organization is headquartered in the US. Their mining infrastructure includes all the modern and speedy hardware devices which help you mine cryptocurrencies in an effective manner. The HashGains platform allows mining of the below-mentioned cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin Cash

Is HashGains a legit service provider?

Unfortunately, a lot of cloud mining providers available in the crypto market are considered to be Ponzi schemes. They simply take your cash, guarantee tremendous turnovers, and all of a sudden, provide baseless reasons for not giving back your money. HashGains is a completely genuine cloud mining platform. Various autonomous organizations as well as audit firms have, as of late, confirmed this reality. Each month, these conduct thorough verification so that no one points a finger at the platform’s legitimacy.

What is crypto mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a difficult mathematical equation-solving process. In order to profit from mining different digital currency, it isn’t important for you to see how it functions. In straightforward terms, mining farms utilize highly advanced hardware to solve the problems. In return, they get a specific number of crypto coins as mining reward. It is a great way to generate digital assets which enable a huge number of individuals to partake in this procedure.

Main forms of cryptocurrency mining

There are 2 major forms of mining

Hardware mining

Cloud mining

Each has its merits and demerits. Nonetheless, cloud mining is a more sensible choice since you do not need not buy any costly hardware and pay for high electricity charges. Cloud mining permits you to earn profits without wasting your time. Therefore, HashGains has turned into one of the main cloud mining platforms.

HashGains has effectively created a historic framework that ensures smooth running of the mining operations as per the kind of contract that you have purchased, as well as automatic pay-outs. The calculation is simple. All your profit relies upon the hashrate as indicated by your mining contract.

How to begin cryptocurrency mining with HashGains?

To start cryptocurrency mining with, one has to complete a short and quick registration process. In order to sign up, one has to provide:

His/her email address
Date of birth
Country (not mandatory)

Once you has successfully registered with HashGains, you will have to buy a hashrate of your choice to being cloud mining. You can choose any one from the mining contracts available on the site. Below are the different hashing algorithms:

Bitcoin – SHA-256
Bitcoin Cash – SHA-256
Litecoin – Scrypt
X11 for Dash – X11
Ethereum – ETHASH
Monero – CryptoNight

From here, you have to:

Choose the specific amount of hashrate that you want to purchase.
Choose a preferred mode of payment
Start mining

HashGains Token Utility

HashGains’ token convertibility feature allows you to purchase mining plans using your HGS tokens. This includes coins purchased during the ICO token sale as well as the bonus tokens acquired during HashGains’ promotional event.

HashGains Mining Maintenance Fee

The mining process consumes a lot of electricity. Thus, all cloud mining platforms charge a fixed maintenance fee to cover the capital costs. It is basically the type of contract and hashrate that you are opting for that mostly affects the price. Since HashGains’ mining infrastructure runs on cheap electricity fuelled by renewable energy resources, the maintenance fee is almost negligible. Here’s the list:

Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash – $0.0004990/GH/s/day
Litecoin/Ethereum – $4.99/GH/s/day
Monero – $0.499/GH/s/day
Zcash – $ 0.99/GH/s/day
Dash – $ 0.199/GH/s/day

HashGains Minimum Pay-outs

HashGains’ services ensure that you receive automatic pay-outs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. The minimum sum for each currency should be equivalent to $250.

HashGains Payment Method

At the moment, HashGains supports the below payment forms:

Credit/Debit Card

Bank Wire Transfer

BTC/BCH/LTC/ETH/HGS (terms and conditions apply)

Benefits of Mining with HashGains

The main benefits of mining various cryptocurrencies with HashGains are:

Reliable service provider verified by self-governing audits
The latest mining equipment
User-friendly interface
Expert team of developers and analysts
24/7 customer support
Fixed fees
Ensures client security
Superfast withdrawals
Multiple mining algorithms
Basic maintenance fee
•  Real-time surveillance
Convenient term of contract
Wide range of mining plans
Untaxable income
Profitable affiliate program

Should You Mine?

Should you mine or should you not mine cryptocurrencies on cloud? This is a question which only you can answer. On the off chance that you need to remain updated about the latest trends in the crypto market, you must begin mining without an iota of doubt. Mining isn’t just a popular trend these days. It is a means of regular income for many who believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies. HashGains will mine on your behalf and pay you your share of profit, while you are allowed to invest your free energy in other relevant things in life.

In the event that you feel cloud mining is only scam or a bubble like Dotcom, you are allowed to back off from mining. However, will you lament your choice when Bitcoin turns into the most widely recognized money on the planet? Well, it is all in your grasp!

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