Here’s How You Can Profit From Crypto Investments Despite High Market Volatility

Crypto Investment

The Bitcoin bubble has finally burst, it seems. Just like DotCom, the bottom has fallen out and investors are left confounded. However, one should not give up hope as yet. Most of us have overlooked the true purpose of cryptocurrencies. They are much more than just alternate currencies, taking the place of fiat exchanges in online transactions. They play a crucial role in monetizing social networking sites and unlocking the importance of a network by harnessing user participation.

Businesses perceive cryptocurrencies as a means to encash user engagement for extra revenue. Shareholders who invest in corporate crypto coins or ICOs can benefit from a network’s growing popularity. This is completely different from just buying shares. The revolutionary blockchain technology is all set to invade multiple industries- shipping, real estate, healthcare and banking.

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. is one such company which is ready to take advantage of this rising phenomenon. As and when newly launched corporate cryptocurrencies hit the market, BLOC will help its investors gain profit without the associated risks of the crypto market. A ‘private equity fund’ and an ‘incubator’ for upcoming cryptos, its skilled management team knows the in and out of the crypto technology and the blockchain network. BLOC is the brainchild of Steven Nerayoff, who is also the co-founder of Ethereum (the 2nd largest cryptocurrency in the world). He has also offered expert advice to Lisk, a cryptocurrency which currently has a market cap of about $3 billion.

You do not need to have an in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin or Blockchain to be a part of this new industry. All you have to do is add up BLOC via your brokerage account online and catch the latest chapter of crypto expansion.

Bitcoin might seem like a bubble, nonetheless, modern innovations in the blockchain network as well as corporate coins will soon bring forth great value to stakeholders who know what to look at and when. For tech savvies, blockchain is like fire on ice. However, it leaves ordinary traders and investors in a dilemma every time they try and comprehend the same.

Global Blockchain’s dedicated management team knows blockchain to the core. Their aim is to look after the coming generation of blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, in exchange for an equity stake and a substantial share of the ICO tokens.

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