Five Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin That Will Blow Your Money

If you missed an opportunity to invest in Bitcoin mining, you don’t need to worry as there are plenty of digital currencies that you can invest in the near future. The value of these cryptocurrencies is going to increase. Following are the five assets that want to attain the same position as Bitcoin.


The main reason behind the boom of Bitcoin price ($16,900) is Ethereum. As Ethereum is difficult to buy, so all investors trade Bitcoin and then change it to Ethereum that ultimately results in the price spike of Bitcoin.

Invented in 2015, Ethereum helps users in order to build decentralized applications and spending tokens known as ‘Ether’ for purchasing computer processing power. From financial services, simple games to file storage, these decentralized applications helps in many ways that are almost impossible for centralized authority to get them closed.


CryptoKitties is the Ethereum project in which users can sell, breed, and buy eponymous cats. As per one report, the network gets around 11% traffic on the second popular cryptocurrency. In every 15 minutes, a “gen0” cat get created that company auctions the cat and takes a part of CryptoKittie sales. Nowadays, a typical cat is sold for around $4. Till now, Founder Cat #18 is the most costly sold out CryptoKitty for around $110,000.


Monero is a substitute to Bitcoin that lets investors or users make transactions as sibling with great privacy protections. With Monero, you can’t prove recipient, sender, and transaction value at the same point of time. The digital currency is altered in order to make generation of new coins easy by making use of phone and computer processors instead of specialized Monero mining rigs.


LydianCoin is the “first AI large data marketing cloud for the blockchain”. Floyd Mayweather (Boxer) supported ICO of and Hubii Network (content marketplace). In addition, you can chase Jamie Foxx (altcoin exchange with zero fee – Cobinhood) or Ghostface Killah (an ATM network based on the blockchain– Cream Capital).


PlexCoin is built with the purpose of creating “the decentralised cryptocurrency globally”. The cryptocurrency has raised around $15M initially. Among all these things, the inventor of this cryptocurrency been in jail for around two months and false fundraising documents. So, it depends on investors, they want to buy it for low or not.


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