Cryptocurrency Industry Witnesses Invasion of New Mining Hardware

Earlier this week, Bitmain Technologies (headquartered in China) had launched the new mining hardware, namely Antminer E3. This newly manufactured hardware processes ETHhash (the Proof-of-Work protocol of Ethereum) hashing algorithm. Recently, Bitmain has released many new products, such as Antminer X3 that mines CryptoNight algorithms for Monero and more.

Latest CryptoNight Miners and ETHhash

Based in Beijing, China, Bitmain is a renowned cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer and also operates biggest Bitcoin mining pool. Established in the year 2013 by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, the company has gained popularity in just a few years. In the year 2017, the company generated a revenue of whopping $4 billion that lists it among the biggest tech companies in China. Since its inception, the company is manufacturing BTC miners and with the time it manufactured Litecoin and Dash miners too. Currently, the company has launched two miners that have made discussions in the network participants during some virtual currency ecosystems.

In this week, the firm has launched Antminer E3 that processes ETHhash algorithm. The mining device boasts 180 MH/s and it has initiated the first shipping batch too. With the announcement of launch of Antminer E3 had annoyed a group of crypto community who are sour that such ASIC device will be released publicly. The Ethereum community members are already prepared for fast hard fork in order to avoid such kind of ASIC miners. A few Ethereum community members have explained that manufacturing of such devices cater the need to possess a change in PoW algorithm like Monero.

The community of Monero has also been facing similar dilemma when Bitmain launched Antminer X3 that efficiently mines CryptoNight algorithm. Therefore, this helps in mining Boolberry, Monero, and some CryptoNight algorithm based crypto coins that can be easily be mined at 220 KH/s as per Bitmain.

16 Terrahash Miner will be Produced Soon by Halong Miners Dragonmint

Now, Bitmain and development teams of GMO Group, and DMM are facing competition. This week, individuals have started receiving the Halong Mining Dragonmint 16T1 SHA-256 miners that are efficient crypto ASIC processors. As per the Halong, these miners are the latest devices that will generate 16 TH/s by making use of ASIC Boost technology.

This news followed the controversy of ASIC Boost with anonymous Cobra Bitcoin (’s co-owner) as he is describing Halong Mining as a scam. Most of the crypto community members are skeptical of reliability of Halong mining devices; however, these machines are already delivered this week. At this point of time, it is difficult to say that will Halong ASIC machines will perform well and the company will qualify the claimed specifications. The reviews will come soon.

In the past years, mining hardware have increased to a great extent and with the same rate semiconductors are getting faster and smaller each day. Presently, the GMO Group (based in Japan) claimed that they will launch mining hardware with the technology of 7-nanometer. Hence, it is observed that competition and the cutting-edge innovation in the crypto mining industry will going to heat more in the coming years.

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