CPUs Crypto Mining is Gaining Popularity in South Korea


Each day, there is a considerable gain in the number of cryptocurrency investors. Being one of the crypto-supported country, South Korea is also witnessing a continuous rise in number of stakeholders. The investors of South Korea have started purchasing CPUs that are well-equipped with efficient graphic chips, such as Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti in order to mine tiny cryptocurrency, namely Ethereum Classic and Zcash listed on numerous exchanges.

CPU Mining

In local market, computer manufacturers like Jooyeon Technology started releasing CPUs that are equipped with highly efficient gaming chips that are optimized and designed specifically for cryptocurrencies mining. The manufacturer recently released Hash Guard (a CPU containing four Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. It is a graphic chip which operates with water-cooling system and minimized fan noise, and also prevent overheating of CPU.

In spite of great performance, one negative factor of the graphic chip is its cost. Attaining a price of over $8,000, it is among the most expensive CPUs across the world that is made by Apple. Owing to its specification and a great potential to mine digital currencies via minimal resources, CPUs demand with efficient graphic chips has increased to a great level in the nation.

As per the media outlet, EKN, investors in the crypto market moved from straight cryptocurrencies investment to mining. Subsequently CPUs, such as Hash Guard could be operated and established at home with general power consumption. Stakeholders can earn small digital currencies with considerable profits. No significant resources are required for allocation.

The spokesperson of renowned CPU manufacturer of South Korea (Jooyeon Technology) said EKN that most of the investors have begun utilizing CPUs in order to mine ICO tokens in a hope that with these mined tokens will increase their value exponentially.

Further, the spokesperson said, “Besides the free post sales service and warranty offered by computer manufacturer, the capability to make use of cryptocurrency miners as CPUs for casual purposes and work resulted in increased demand of CPU miners.” He added, “Huge consumers are hoping and anticipating that ICO tokens’ price will increase and thereby mining ICO tokens via CPUs having big expectations.”

Elaborating the same, the spokesperson highlighted that CPUs falling behind Nvidia Graphic cards and Hash Guard can even mine Ethereum Classic, Monero, Bitcoin Gold, and Zcash when CPUs operate throughout the day. For example, the spokesperson said that a home CPU crypto mining comes with RX570 and Ryzen 7 of AMD that can easily mine 0.00158 Monero, 0.0032 Ether, 0.023 Bitcoin Gold, 0.0062 Zcash, and 0.1 Ethereum Classic each day when CPU continuously works for a day.

Major Correction

In the computer manufacturing sector of South Korea, analysts have noted that AMD and Nvidia highly-efficient graphic chips demand is increasing each day owing to the latest alteration of the market. From the beginning of this year major cryptocurrencies’ value has been decreased by 70% as compared to the previous year.

Subsequently, stakeholders have starts looking for alternatives in order to make profit in volatile period in the crypto market.

However, in the middle, there might be some issues with CPUs and mining with CPU as each day famous companies like Samsung and Bitmain are releasing a plenty of ASIC miners.

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