RBI Researches Blockchain For Trade Application
Dec 27, 2017

RBI Researches Blockchain For Trade Application

With regulatory conditions currently not in favor of blockchain based currency in India, the recent testing of blockchain by RBI has come as good news. The Regulatory Bank of India (RBI) carried out the testing with the cooperation of MonetaGo, a New York based blockchain technology firm. Reduced Transaction Costs Bitcoin, the best known cryptocurrency

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Dec 26, 2017

Industries That Stand To Gain from Blockchains

The blockchain is not only useful for cryptocurrencies; rather, blockchain ledgers may include loans and titles, logistics etc to give transparency to any kind of transaction which involves multiple parties. The blockchain is essentially a file system. It will create transaction blocks which is the distributed ledger. Here, all parties will be provided with access

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Dec 22, 2017

Analysis of Litecoin’s Comeback Potential

In terms of correlation with Bitcoin and the market value, Litecoin was highly commended during the Bitcoin bubble in 2013. In fact, Litecoin enjoyed the second position and its price skyrocketed to $50 during the same period. Litecoin did make a comeback in 2015, thanks to Ponzi scheme of Chinese LTC, which collected one-fifth of

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Dec 21, 2017

Evaluating NVIDIA and AMD for a High Performance GPU Ethereum Mining

There has been an enough interest in the Ethereum project to warrant an in-depth review about GPU mining as far as Ethereum mining is concerned. Ether operates on the Ethereum blockchain and the cryptocurrency has achieved an overwhelming status in terms of its trading value, which is second only to Bitcoin. With a whopping rise

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Dec 18, 2017

Is Monero Cloud Mining a good investment in 2018? – Yes, by all means it is

Overview Is Monero Cloud Mining a good investment in 2018? This question looms into the minds of all those who are involved in mining cryptocurrency. To answer this question reasonably, some factors are to be made clear in mind first. What is Monero? Monero’s website claims that Monero is a private, fully secured and absolutely

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Dec 17, 2017

Zcash Solving Blockchain Fungibility And Privacy By One Of The Most Sophisticated And Innovative Blockchain

Zcash is a cryptocurrency. Zcash was developed from the project of Zerocoin. This Zerocoin project was developed to provide better anonymity to users of Bitcoin and to create a completely untraceable, anonymous, open source blockchain. The Zerocoin protocol was improvised in the beginning to be later transformed into Zerocash. This Zerocash ultimately produced the Zcash

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Dec 16, 2017

Is Dash Cloud Mining A Good Investment In 2018? A Big Question In Miner’s Mind

Cloud mining remains to be an attractive option if anyone is interested in investing in Dash currency. Cloud mining enables the users to purchase hashing power. This hashing power is purchased from hardware in data centres in Cloud mining. This purchasing of hash power may be done without having the hassles of managing hardware. This

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Dec 15, 2017

Calculating Monero Mining Profitability

Monero is a cryptocurrency that is privacy oriented. This is why it has an edge over the Bitcoin in terms of this privacy feature. Bitcoin transactions are always public and one can view the sender’s address, the amounts transferred and even the recipient’s address. Moreover, Blockchain explorers are also able to see the total number

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Dec 14, 2017

Five Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin That Will Blow Your Money

If you missed an opportunity to invest in Bitcoin mining, you don’t need to worry as there are plenty of digital currencies that you can invest in the near future. The value of these cryptocurrencies is going to increase. Following are the five assets that want to attain the same position as Bitcoin. Ethereum The

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