Feb 18, 2022

Future of Money: What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency Industry in Next 5 Years

The demand for crypto has increased due to rising investments in venture capital. Additionally, the increasing popularity of digital assets such as bitcoin and litecoin is likely to accelerate the market in upcoming years. It has been seen that digital currency is also used in the integration of blockchain technology to get decentralization and control

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Sep 21, 2020

SEO in E-Commerce: How it can help make your online store a success?

E-commerce, in simple words, is buying and selling products or services using an online platform. The internet is already a crowded place with so many online stores mushrooming every day. Thus, it is very important to catch the buyers’ attention and rise above the competition. An SEO consultant can be a useful resource for an

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Sep 18, 2020

Top Features That Every Business Website Needs to Achieve Success

Websites can be powerful marketing tools for advertising your products and services effectively online and today most businesses are using unique and innovative strategies to attract their visitors. Most consumers prefer to do online research about the company or business before purchasing the products. Especially for enterprises operating on small margins, websites can be a

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Jul 1, 2020

SQL Injection Attacks: What Are They and How Can You Protect Your Business Against Them?

When you think of web security threats, which type of threats/attacks first come to your mind? Phishing? OK. Brute-force attacks? Fine. Request forgery? OK, all of them are popular and quite threatening in nature. But does your mind come across SQL Injection? If not, then you’re missing the whole picture. We can say this with

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May 7, 2020

All that you wanted to know about SQL and its Use in Databases

SQL is a relational database management system deployed in several systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and Access etc. Structured Query Language or SQL used for database management is not a programming language. But its standard allows the creation of procedural extensions for it that imparts the maturity of a programming language into it.

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Feb 20, 2020

Latest trends in computer technology – the growth is unstoppable in 2020

Technology trend is mainly a skill associated with mindfulness of technology with its recent popularity among masses. The users get the chance to recognize and fully understand the usefulness of such major technology, designed to determine the success of the said business. This growth in any particular computing technology can always be targeted as either

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Sep 30, 2019

Ethereum Mining Profitability – Has It Become Stagnant?

Ethereum Cryptocurrency is in the market of mining now since ages. The success story of it is not hidden from any of the miners or the investors. But with the introduction of several other cryptocurrencies in the recent time span of 7 to 8 years has proliferated this industry but also made it more complex

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